Jean-Claude Rabbat

Welcome to Solution Globale Automobile!

Solution Globale Automobile is a leader in the field of executing your dealership’s endeavours in Québec and Canada. Today’s car dealerships face many demands and must be able to make every dollar profitable.

Solution Globale Automobile has developed efficient business models so that every expense becomes an investment and every penny invested exceeds your return on investment (ROI).

With tailor-made training and coaching in all areas of the automotive business (leadership coaching, executive coaching, management coaching and team coaching), SGA is revolutionizing the way you do things. A leader in training and coaching in North America, we were the first to offer teletraining and telecoaching.

More interestingly, SGA likes to see tangible results and offers you follow-ups, coaching and implementation processes in order to make your dealership a benchmark in Québec and Canada.

At SGA, we understand what is required of automotive sales and we know how to energize your team of sales consultants. After our visit, your consultants will be able to stay more enthusiastic for a longer period of time; they will learn to better understand the needs of the customers and to close a sale quickly. In addition, they will enjoy building lasting relationships with clients by leveraging their personal and professional strengths.

Your F&I department is struggling to become profitable? Solution Globale Automobile has developed ways of energizing the people on your finance and insurance team. It is not enough to close the sale; it is also necessary to present the steps in the right order before the delivery of the vehicle.

Jean-Claude Rabbat is passionate about coaching/training and is a specialist in execution. Eager to share his knowledge acquired during his past 20 years in the automobile business, he became an ace in his field and a global benchmark. After more than 10 years in sales and F&I as well as 10 years as a senior coach, Jean-Claude knows how to use his talents to make your dealership an established leader.

Even more spectacularly, over the years, Jean-Claude Rabbat has developed a great ability to listen, which allows him to adapt to each personality. He has the ability to encourage people to grow personally and professionally, as well as to surpass themselves every day, in a highly effective educational approach.
Solution Globale Automobile is a concept created to maximize your annual output at all levels. We’re always looking to make you win big and take your dealership to another level of excellence.

The foundation of Solution Globale Automobile is a rigorous process consisting of coaching, monitoring, supervision and enforcement with the goal of you being recognized as a leader in your industry. You will become even stronger and more profitable after our visit with you!

For Jean-Claude Rabbat, achieving your goals is non-negotiable. Thus, we are committed to executing and even exceeding your expectations in order for you to experience success after success.

Coaching, training and execution: three ways to make your dealership even more efficient!

Solution Globale Automobile is already on the move and can’t wait to meet with you. Don’t wait any longer, take action now and make your dealership profitable!

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